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So it begins…

            When one sets out on the venture of creating their own literary magazine, several questions inevitably arise; how are we going to pay for this? What do we want to get out of it? Who is our targeted audience? Why do we do what we do? Ultimately, these questions were easily answered for us at Rind. We wanted to create an environment for the positive expansion of fiction and nonfiction that achieved its primary driving force from our passion of the craft. With such a broadly encompassing base, our target audience is realistically posterity and anyone interested in quality writing with as wide variety of subject matter, themes, and genres as we could find. This might actually seem like we’re getting too big for our britches and God knows it’s probably true, but when you limit yourself only to the extent of human imagination and possibility, we have the leave to do anything and everything with impunity.

            We are not without manageable self-imposed limitation though. We do not accept poetry to our literary magazine. We maybe cutting off our nose to spite our face with the exclusion of this genre, but only time will tell. We decided not to include poetry for several reasons. Ideologically, it didn’t quite fit in with what we wanted to do. One cannot promote the development of diverse fiction and nonfiction when simultaneously taking submissions for a genre with which the vast majority of one’s staff is unfamiliar, at least not with a press of our size. It is very true, I’m afraid: We are [non]fiction-philes. We have no shame in admitting that, and we are very proud to pursue what we know and love to its utmost.

            Every member of the editing staff at Rind is an equal partner in this enterprise. We all pay for the website out of pocket and maintain a relatively democratic construct when it comes to decision-making. We do not make any money off of this; we do it for you and for the art.

            Everyone is an author in their own right. The Grove gives us an opportunity to showcase some of our friends’ and our work. It also gives you an opportunity to meet with us (so to speak) on a more personal level, artist-to-artist. Many of the pieces that will be featured here will be serialized nonfiction and other assorted writings, blatherings and commentaries for your enjoyment. It is our sincerest hope that you will enjoy reading what we have to offer here as much as you enjoy reading Rind.




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